GM Yury Razuvaev


Y.Razuvaev. Rubinstein Gambit
This is a chapter from the new book. I should bring my apologies to the reader in advance. The book was completed last year, thus some important games played this year are not included. However, chasing chess fashion is not very useful, although highly interesting occupation. An opening is like a city. One can explore it for a whole life and still be a stranger to it. I would like to quote a wise man David Bronstein, who commented the 7th game of the Spassky-Petrosian championship match (Moscow, 1966) as follows: "[Spassky] offered Petrosian to play in a backyard of the house where Petrosian grew up. " I hope that after reading this chapter you will be more familiar with labyrinth of the city named Akiba Rubinstein Gambit

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