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Unique documents about chess life in Leningrad during the 2nd World War are published in the editorial column. The publication is dedicated to the 62nd anniversary of raising the Leningrad Blockade. Added to the "History" section.
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28.01.2006 Wijk aan Zee: the last round starts 1 hour earlier
Corus chess festival has come to its culmination. Tomorrow Konstantin Sakaev will comment one of the leaders' games online. We remind you that the games start 14.30 msk, 12.30 CET, which is an hour earlier than normally.
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27.01.2006 Intrigue of the round: Vassily against Veselin
Today the opponents will get down to work with renewed energy after the day off in Wijk aan Zee. Aronian – Gelfand, Ivanchuk – Topalov, Anand – Tiviakov, Leko – Mamedyarov, Kamsky – Van Wely, Adams – Bacrot and Karjakin – Sokolov will play in the 11th round of the main tournament. Grandmaster K.Sakaev has chosen the game between Vassily Ivanchuk and Veselin Topalov for commenting. Today’s encounter between the ”B” group leaders is of great interest as well, Russian chessplayer Motylev, who has half a point less than Karlsen will play against him with White.
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27.01.2006 Today is the Siege of Leningrad raising day
62 years ago, on January 27 1944 the siege of Leningrad which happened during Great Patriotic war had been raised. Let the heroic defenders of the city be remembered forever, kowtow to those who lived in besieged Leningrad!
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26.01.2006 Photographic report №4 from Wijk aan Zee
We offer a photographic report №4 from Wijk aan Zee.
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26.01.2006 Wijk aan Zee, the 10th round
Having defeated Aronian, Topalov became a sole leader after ten rounds, having scored 7,5 points. Bacrot defeated Kamsky, Van Wely won against Leko. The games Mamedyarov – Anand, Sokolov – Adams, Gelfand – Karjakin and Tiviakov – Ivanchuk were drawn. The players behind Topalov ranged the following way: 2. Anand -7, 3-4. Adams and Gelfand – 6, 5-6. Ivanchuk and Karjakin – 5,5, 7. Van Wely – 5, 8-10. Aronian, Leko, Tiviakov – 4,5, 11-12. Bacrot and Mamedyarov – 4, 13, Sokolov – 3,5, 14. Kamsky – 2,5. Today is a day off. Karjakin – Sokolov, Aronian – Gelfand, Ivanchuk – Topalov, Anand – Tiviakov, Leko – Mamedyarov, Kamsky – Van Wely and Adams – Bacrot will play tomorrow in the 11th round. Grandmaster Sakaev will comment the game IVANCHUK – TOPALOV
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25.01.2006 A game for gourmets: Topalov – Aronian
The games of the 10th round are played today in Wijk aan Zee. St.Petersburg grandmaster Sakaev will comment the encounter between the FIDE World Cup winner Topalov and Aronian on our website. Anand defeated Van Wely, Adams won against Kamsky and Gelfand won against Sokolov. Topalov defeated Karjakin. Ivanchuk – Mamedyarov, Aronian – Tiviakov and Leko – Bacrot had draws. Anand and Topalov, who scored 6,5 out of 9 are leading, Adams and Gelfand have a point less. Gelfand – Karjakin, Topalov – Aronian, Tiviakov – Ivanchuk, Mamedyarov – Anand, Van Wely – Leko, Bacrot – Kamsky and Sokolov - Adams will play tomorrow in the 10th round. Karlsen (7 out of 9) is leading in the “B” group. Russian chessplayer Motylev (6,5), who is to play in the 11th round against the young gifted player, sneaked up to him. Almasi and Navara scored 6 points each. The 10th round was marked by the women chessplayers’ wins: Lahno won against Beliavsky and Koneru drew the game against Karlsen. S. Atalik keeps his opponents at a distance in the “C” group, he scored 7,5 out of 9.
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25.01.2006 The FINEK festival 2006
The games of the last round are played today in two round robins, organized by the State University of Economics and Finance. Ekaterina Korbut (6,5 out of 8) is leading in the men’s tournament, she is followed by N.Nikolaev (6), A.Lanin, K.Tarlev and M.Erdogdu (they have 4,5 each). Julia Kochetkova (6 out of 8) is close to winning the women’s tournament, she is followed by K.Rogonian (5,5), J.Gromova, V.Solovjova (both ladies have made the norm of WGM) and R.Eidelson.
more [source: chigorin.ru]

25.01.2006 Match Topalov – Kramnik is going to take place in September in Elista!
According to the statement, published on the website of the RCF (Russian Chess Federation), the president of Kalmykia and FIDE, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov directed the Chess Federation of his Republic that everything should be arranged for carrying out the match Veselin Topalov – Vladimir Kramnik in September 2006 in Elista.
more [source: chessbase.com]

23.01.2006 Photographic report №3 from Wijk aan Zee
We offer a photographic report №3 from Wijk aan Zee.
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23.01.2006 Announcement of our publications
“Crossroads” dedicated to the Leningrad chess during the war with publication of unique documents will be published on January 27, Friday – the blockade raising day.
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23.01.2006 Wijk aan Zee, the 8th round
Bacrot was defeated by Anand and Aronian won against Mamedyarov. Topalov – Gelfand, Tiviakov – Karjakin, Van Wely – Ivanchuk, Adams – Leko and Sokolov – Kamsky had draws. Anand and Topalov who scored 5,5 out of 8 are leading, Karjakin has half a point less, Adams, Gelfand and Ivanchuk scored 4, 5, Aronian, Van Wely, Leko scored 4, Tiviakov has got 3,5, Mamedyarov and Sokolov have 3 points, Bacrot and Kamsky scored 2,5. Today is a day off. Karjakin – Topalov, Aronian – Tiviakov, Ivanchuk – Mamedyarov, Anand –Van Wely, Leko – Bacrot, Kamsky – Adams and Gelfand – Sokolov will play tomorrow in the 9th round. Grandmaster Sakaev will comment the game Karjakin – Topalov online. Karlsen (6,5 out of 8) is leading in the “B” group, and Atalik is the leader in the “C’ group.
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Our expert grandmaster Konstantin Sakaev will comment the game Topalov-Gelfand today. The round starts at 15.30 msk (13.30 CET). Tomorrow there is a day off in Wijk aan Zee. The 9th round takes place on Tuesday, 24th.
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VISHY ANAND leads the main Corus event with 4 points after 5 rounds. Ivanchuk and Topalov are trailing by half a point. Gelfand and Karjakin have 3. The pairs of the sixth round: van Wely-Karjakin, Mamedyarov-Gelfand, Tiviakov-Topalov, Bacrot-Aronian, Adams-Ivanchuk, Kamsky-Anand and Sokolov-Leko. GM Konstantin Sakaev will comment the KAMSKY-ANAND game live. Carlsen and Naiditsch share the first place in the tournament B with 4 out of 5.
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Today in Wijk aan Zee, after the free day, the games of the 5th round will be played. Petersburg GM Konstantin Sakaev will comment the Anand-Leko game online. We remind you that the game starts at 15.30 (msk), 13.30 (CET). Other games of the round are: Topalov-Mamedyarov, Gelfand-van Wely, Tiviakov-Sokolov, Ivanchuk-Kamsky, Aronian-Adams and Karjakin-Bacrot.
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17.01.2006 Pair skating
For the whole year 2005 "Pair of the Month" competitions of mini-teams consisting of one male and one female player had been carried out by the Chigorin's Chess Club. Last Friday a final tournament was organized. The pair T.Molchanova-V.Popov won the event. The second place was occupied by A.Dushenok-V.Yemelin, M.Lupik-A.Eliseev finished third. Unfortunately, the "regular season champions" E.Korbut-J.Sepman and I.Sudakova-N.Vitiugov could not participate. As the Chigorin's Club website reports, the winners were awarded by a dinner at the city chess federation expense.
more [source: chigorin.ru]

17.01.2006 Corus Chess Festival
We would like to draw your attention to Wijk aan Zee B event, which runs at the same time as the main one. The lineup of the tournament is very diverse and strong. After three rounds Arkady Naiditsch is a sole leader with 3/3, Almasi, Vescovi, Carlsen and Navara are half a point behind. Among other participants we will single out Koneru, who defeated Cheparinov and drew with Beliavsky. Other female player, Lahno nearly beaten Motylev (game was drawn). The Ñ-group is led by S.Atalik - 3 out of 3.
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17.01.2006 Wijk aan Zee, 3rd round
Ivanchuk, who led the field after two rounds, lost with White to Anand. Topalov defeated Bacrot, Gelfand beaten Adams, and Karjakin won against Kamsky. Aronian-Leko, Tiviakov-van Wely, and Mamedyarov-Sokolov. In the fourth round grandmaster Sakaev will comment the game BACROT-GELFAND.
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17.01.2006 Our photographic report №1 from Wijk aan Zee
We offer the first photographic report from Wijk aan Zee.
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Tomorrow St. Petersburg grandmaster Konstantin Sakaev begins commenting he most interesting games of the Wijk aan Zee main event. Each round starts 15.30 (msk), 13.30 (CET), except the last one, which starts 14.30 (msk), 12.30 (CET). Follow our coverage in both English and Russian!
more [source: www.coruschess.com]

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