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31.01.2007 Boris Spassky’s Jubilee Soiree. Photo report.
Yesterday in the Chess Club named after M.I.Chigorin a soiree took place dedicated to the 70th birthday of the tenth World Champion Boris Vasiljevich Spassky. In his absence, the public speakers were GM M.Taimanov and K.Sakaev, IM V.Faibisovich, the master of sports A.Geller, Spassky’s sister Iraida Vasiljevna, the University representative S.Gersht, the Spassky Club representative K.Annenkov, the city chess federation president in 1993-1999 B.Khropov. The well-known sport journalist A.Samoilov conducted the soiree. The telegrams of congratulation from Spassky’s colleagues V.Smyslov and A.Karpov were read out. Those assembled sent a collective congratulation to France for Boris Spassky. After the ceremonial part GMs V.Loginov and V.Popov played simuls with the spectators. The soiree was organized by the Children Chess School (the headmaster S.Vinogradov). The schedule also included a contest of guessing Spassky’s games by the positions set up on demonstrating boards. The winners were awarded with prizes.
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31.01.2007 MOSCOW OPEN 2007
Today the players who entered the tournament in different ways will unite like proletarians of all nations. Those who played 4 rounds of classical Swiss have been caught up with the rapid chess lovers. D.Bocharov and E.Najer are leading with 4 points out of 4. Our players S.Ionov and V.Yemelin have 3 points, A.Utkin is on 2.5, E.Ovod and A.Shimanov scored 2 points.
more [source: www.moscowopen2007.ru]

31.01.2007 FINEC 2007
The leaders are: in the event with GM norm A.Lanin and Y.Tihonov – 4 points, E.Gorovikh, A.Kim and S.Klimov – 3.5 (all out of 6); in the event with WGM norm V.Golubenko, V.Kirillova and M.Lupik – 4 out of 6; in the event with IM norm D.Lintchevsky – 4.5 out of 7, M.Zakurdaev and I.Sudakova – 4 out of 6.
more [source: www.totalchess.spb.ru]

After 7 rounds I.Sokolov is leading with 6 points. 9 players (M.Adams, V.Akopian, A.Areshchenko, M.Gurevich, Z.Efimenko, Y.Kuzubov, V.Milov, H.Nakamura and E.Sutovsky) have half a point less. V.Epishin and V.Korchnoi are on 4.5.
more [source: www.gibraltarchesscongress.com]

30.01.2007 Azerbaijan Championships
Azerbaijan Championships have finished. Zeinab Mamedyarova became the women’s champion. Her sister Turkan took second place, Hajala Iskenderova was third. In the men’s tournament Elmir Guseinov was victorious. 14-year-olr Eltaj Safarli took second place, third was Nijat Mamedov.
more [source: www.day.az]

30.01.2007 FINEC 2007
The leaders are: in the event with GM norm E.Gorovikh, A.Lanin and Y.Tihonov with 3.5 points out of 5; in the event with WGM norm V.Golubenko, V.Kirillova, T.Kostiuk, M.Lupik and V.Solovjeva with 3 points out of 5; in the event with IM norm D.Lintchevsky – 4 out of 6, M.Zakurdaev – 3.5 points out of 5, M.Serov and I.Sudakova – 3 out of 5.
more [source: www.totalchess.spb.ru]

30.01.2007 BORIS SPASSKY TURNS 70!
Today the Saint Petersburg born and bred tenth World Champion, the editor-in-chief of the Russian newspaper “Chess Weekly” Boris Vasiljevich Spassky turns 70. Our congratulations!
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30.01.2007 MOSCOW OPEN 200
After his win against A.Dreev, S.Ionov is in the group of leaders who scored 3 points out of 3. E.Ovod and A.Shimanov are on 2 points, A.Utkin scored 1 point.
more [source: www.moscowopen2007.ru]

After 6 rounds M.Gurevich, Z.Efimenko, Y.Kuzubov, V.Milov, I.Sokolov and S.Sulskis scored 5 points. 11 players including V.Epishin have half a point less. V.Korchnoi is on 3.5.
more [source: www.gibraltarchesscongress.com]

30.01.2007 Corus Tournament in Wijk aan Zee: a Creative Survey (Rounds 9-10)
GM Konstantin Sakaev has prepared the survey of Rounds 9-10 of the Corus Tournament in Wijk aan Zee.
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FIDE has published a press release regarding the rematch between Kramnik and Topalov where it is written that FIDE seems to no object to the match to be taken place but at the same it ascertains that there’s actually no time to organize it nevertheless if the players come to agreement with each other FIDE would support them. We provide a link to this document.
more [source: www.newsinfo.ru]

Such is the statement made by the manager S.Danailov to the Bulgarian telegraph Agency after he got to know that Topalov’s challenge for rematch is declined and that in case of a failure in the round robin championship V.Kramnik as rumours spread will get an opportunity to play a match with the new champion. Now the Bulgarian side is going to appeal to the International Court of Arbitration in Lausanne.
more [source: www.rtr-sport.ru]

29.01.2007 FINEC 2007
The leaders are: in the event with GM norm E.Gorovikh and A.Lanin with 3 points out of 4; in the event with WGM norm V.Golubenko, T.Kostiuk and E.Kuzevanova with 2.5 points out of 4; in the event with IM norm D.Lintchevsky – 4 out of 5 and M.Zakurdaev with 3.5 points out of 5.
more [source: www.totalchess.spb.ru]

Beating Tigran Kotanjian in the tie-break match with the score 2-0 Karen Asrian became the 2007 Armenian Champion repeating the success he had first achieved eight years ago.
more [source: www.armchess.am]

P.Eljanov (Ukraine) won B Tournament scoring 9 points. Bu Xiangzhi (China), M.Vachier-Lagrave (France), G.Sargissian (Armenia) and D.Jakovenko (Russia) shared places 2-5 with 8 points. The Russian T.Kosintseva scored 4 points. M.Krasenkow (Poland) won C Tournament with 10.5 points out of 13. I.Nepomniachtchi (Russia) scored half a point less. E.Berg of Sweden took the third place with 8 points. N. Kosintseva scored 5.5 points.
more [source: www.coruschess.com]

The Corus tournament ended in a three way tie for the first place between Levon Aronian, Teimour Radjabov and Veselin Topalov who scored 8.5 points out of 13. Vladimir Kramnik took the fourth place with 8 points. Vishy Anand is fifth with 7.5, Peter Svidler is sixth with 7 points. They are followed by 7-8 Sergey Karjakin and David Navara – 6.5, 9. Ruslan Ponomariov – 6, 10-12. Loek Van Wely, Alexander Motylev and Sergey Tiviakov – 5, 13-14. Magnus Carlsen and Alexey Shirov – 4,5. In the final round Aronian beat Tiviakov, Karjakin beat Svidler, Kramnik beat Van Wely, the games Anand – Navara, Ponomariov – Motylev, Radjabov – Topalov and Carlsen – Shirov ended in draws.
more [source: www.coruschess.com]

28.01.2007 FINEC 2007
The leaders are: in the event with GM norm E.Gorovikh, S.Klimov, A.Lanin and Y.Tihonov with 2 points out of 3; in the event with WGM norm V.Golubenko, T.Kostiuk, E.Kuzevanova and S.Petrenko with 2 points out of 3; in the event with IM norm M.Zakurdaev and D.Lintchevsky with 3 points out of 4.
more [source: www.totalchess.spb.ru]

28.01.2007 MOSCOW OPEN 2007
The line-up of the Moscow Open 2007 event is a bit more moderate than it was announced on the tournament site. In two Swiss tournaments there are 205 and 273 players respectively. Of 13 subscribed 2600-plus players only 7 have started while of 50 GMs a dozen didn’t arrive including V.Yemelin. The representatives of our city and region S.Ionov, E.Ovod and A.Utkin won their starting games.
more [source: www.moscowopen2007.ru]

After 5 rounds the peloton is lead by Michael Adams, Ivan Sokolov and Yury Kuzubov who scored 4.5 points. A group of pursuers, which are half a point behind involves 10 players.
more [source: www.gibraltarchesscongress.com]

The all-play-all tournament which has finished in Yerevan didn’t determine the winner. GMs Karen Asrian and Tigran Kotanjian shared the first place scoring 7.5 points out of 11. Today they will play the match for the champion title. Full point behind three players have left – T.Petrosian, A.Pashikian and T.Nalbandian. GM Tigran Petrosian won the bronze medal.
more [source: www.armchess.am]

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