17.01.2005 V.Bazhenov.Closed world.
Advantages and disadvantages of chess competitions in Internet as opposed to traditional tournaments in chess clubs, where the opponents meet each other at chess boards ?face to face?, succeed in many instances advantages and disadvantages of Internet itself - the worldwide electronic network, in which chess players ?meet each other? and play ?on-line?.
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27.07.2004 V.Bazhenov. “A.Shashin and the modern theory of the chess game“.
In the eighties of the nineteenth century the first chess champion - Vilgelm Steinitz developed his famous position doctrine. The chess became a science...
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27.07.2004 V.Bazhenov. TRAVEL ALONG THE CHESS TREE.
The reader is given the opportunity to observe the game of chess from the most common positions. It may be the first time, when an attempt to prove the strategic purposes of game with the help of "not chess" methods is made...
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